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Real Estate Capital Advisory

As a real estate capital advisory firm, Mellum Capital GmbH structures complex real estate transactions and arranges innovative capital solutions through its worldwide network. The company, headed by Heinrich Hauss and Markus Reule, specialises in investments, debt advisory and structured finance and is active for its global client base with offices in London and Munich.

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Structured Finance

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Structured Finance

  • Restructuring Advisory

  • Capital Structure Advisory

  • Joint Venture Formation

  • Non-core Advisory

  • Risk Management

  • Portfolio & Asset Valuation

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  • Complex Real Estate Transactions

  • Cross-Border Advice

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Privatisations and Management Buy-Outs

  • Strategic Advisory

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Debt Advisory

  • Loan and Debt Markets

  • Development Financing & Construction Loans

  • Balance Sheet Management

  • Loan-on-loan Financing

  • Loan Sales

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